bicycle trip across Norway (Bergen to Nordkapp)
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North Cape is my goal...

The idea to go for a month's cycling trip across Norway overwhelmed me quite out of the blue, in the most unexpected moment.
It grabbed me with both hands, hindering my work. It squeezed into the most intimate parts of my dreams
and kept me completely away from my social life. The prospect of seeing the fabulous mountains in the south
and the wild natural environment in the northern part of Norway as well as the satisfaction of reaching the North Cape
were so tempting that I did not hesitate even for a moment.

After a week I was ready to go. I had exchanged tomes of electronic mail messages
with people who had placed their reports and breath-taking photos from their previous tours
on web pages. I had devoured Pascal's Guide Book full of interesting
and very useful pieces of information. I had studied thoroughly the map of Norway
and arranged my route. I had seen all accessible photo albums and a video film
presenting scenery that took my breath away and at the end I booked a flight
and applied for some time off...

 .:. 27 days of travel,
 .:. about 2700 km by bicycle,
 .:. route from Bergen to North Cape